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UNC class of 2005, Tar Heel fan, and Arsenal supporter. I’ve watched Carolina in the middle of the night while living abroad in England, Korea, and Qatar. I enjoy getting back to Chapel Hill when able, but I’ve really enjoyed traveling to Las Vegas and New York to see the Heels play non-conference. Going to Carolina changed my life and I’ll be a fan as long as I live. I love writing about the Heels and I hope you enjoy reading what I post on Tar Heel Blog.

UNC vs. Campbell: Game Preview

Carolina get a chance to shake the cobwebs off against Campbell before getting into the hardest part of their schedule.

UNC vs. Campbell: Three Things to Watch

All nonsense must end. Right. Now.

UNC Basketball: Breakout Candidates

Some major usage monsters have departed, so there’s available sunlight on the jungle floor. Who will grow into the canopy?

UNC Football: Halloween Frights

For the Tar Heels, there’s more tricks than treats in games on Halloween.

UNC vs. Georgia Tech: Game Preview

The Tar Heels are ramblin’ south, hoping to prevent a wreck.

UNC vs. Georgia Tech: X-Factor

Can Carolina finally learn its lesson?

UNC vs. Virginia: Game Preview

Trap game, shmap game. It’s time for Carolina to show the ACC whose game this is.

UNC vs. Miami: Game Preview

Miami knows pain. Now’s not the time to make them feel better.

UNC vs. Syracuse: Game Preview

The Tar Heels begin a homestand against the Orange, who bloodied their nose against a revived Clemson

UNC Football: What Riley Leonard’s injury means for Carolina

If Duke’s star quarterback is unfit, the November 11th meeting will be completely changed.