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NCAA Investigation

John Blake was steering players to agents; Jennifer Wiley was doing their homework. The sordid saga of the Butch Davis tenure at UNC, and how they cleaned up afterwards.

After UNC's exoneration, I’m done feeling ashamed

Explaining why alumni and fans alike are celebrating the NCAA decision.

UNC’s NCAA infractions report will be released on Friday

Is the end in sight, or is this only the beginning?

North Carolina’s NCAA Hearing Day 1 was uneventfully quiet

Is no news good news?

UNC NCAA Investigation: And now a word from the Blue Devils

Jay Bilas and John Feinstein, two well-known Duke alums, have very different takes on UNC's August 14th hearing.

How much will the NCAA investigation impact UNC recruiting in 2018?

While UNC’s case won’t end for a while, losing recruits because of the issue may be close to over

The NCAA responds to North Carolina, sets hearing date

The NCAA issued an aggressive reply to UNC's defiant challenge of its jurisdiction. Now comes The Hearing.

Update on the NCAA’s investigation of North Carolina

Updates on Greg Sankey, as well as an updated time table of the investigation

Carolina responds strongly to the NCAA’s revised Notice of Allegations

UNC fights back on whether the NCAA has the jurisdiction to question the validity of a member institution’s academic departments.

UNC nearing deadline to respond to NCAA’s revised NOA

The latest chapter of the NCAA’s investigation on UNC’s athletics department nears a close.

Featured Fanshot

The More Things Change...

Featured Fanshot

The More Things Change....

...the more they stay the same. Tar Heel Blog in 2010 and today. The story that will never die.

Bubba Cunningham Addresses New NCAA Issues


UNC Reports Additional NCAA Violations

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ESPN's John Saunders Defends Roy on "Sports Reporters"

Via @RL_Bynum, ESPN's John Saunders gave a full-throated defense of Roy Williams and UNC's decision to extend his contract on Sunday morning's episode of "The Sports Reporters". Given the recent excoriation of Williams by the likes of Patrick O'Neill and Pat Forde, Saunders' well-reasoned take was interesting to hear from media types. The not-so-thinly-veiled shot at a player who shall no longer be named - as he did not - was pretty good as well.

Four Things We Learned From the NOA

Four things to take away from the notice of allegations

Fedora, Williams, Hatchell Respond to the NOA

UNC's big three head coaches of sports cited in the notice of allegations offered statements on the day's developments

UNC Releases Notice of Allegations

The Notice of Allegations Watch Begins in Earnest


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Tar Heel Depot's Excellent Take Down of the N&O's Fire Roy Op Ed

On Monday evening the N&O released an op-ed written by someone who may or may not be playing with a full deck of cards. Friend of the blog and current UNC student Brett Thompson offered an excellent take down of it. Now you get to read the op-ed and not give the N&O any clicks.

In Case You're Wondering Roy Hasn't Seen the NOA


Happy Club Liv Tweet Anniversary

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Hurry Up and Wait: NOA Release Next Week?

WRAL is among the outlets reporting that UNC has said it will delay the release of the NCAA's notice of allegations a while longer. Chancellor Carol Folt said on Thursday it will likely be next week before the NOA is released to the public. As opposed to the last time, UNC is being much more deliberate in examining the report and detailing its response. Needless to say there is a much different administration in place this time and the school is not so naive in dealing with the NCAA or the media anymore.

The NOA and the Chicken or the Egg

IC: UNC Has Received NOA from NCAA

No, UNC Didn't Receive a NOA from the NCAA


Rashad McCants Is Still Talking, Just Not to NCAA

Playing off his appearance on "Outside the Lines", there were some nuggets to be found between the lines of a recent radio interview with the former UNC basketball star.

NCAA Reopens Probe Into UNC Academic Scandal


UNC Fires up the Disassociation Letter Machine

UNC Out of the Woods with NCAA on Academic Issues?

Greg Little's Money Man Goes to Court

Agent Investigation Produces Indictments

Who's Up For Some Three Year Old News?


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