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UNC Academic Scandal

Julian Nyang'oro's no-show classes in the African and Afro-American Studies department and the inevitable fallout therein.

UNC’s NCAA infractions report will be released on Friday

Is the end in sight, or is this only the beginning?

North Carolina’s NCAA Hearing Day 1 was uneventfully quiet

Is no news good news?

UNC NCAA Investigation: And now a word from the Blue Devils

Jay Bilas and John Feinstein, two well-known Duke alums, have very different takes on UNC's August 14th hearing.

The NCAA responds to North Carolina, sets hearing date

The NCAA issued an aggressive reply to UNC's defiant challenge of its jurisdiction. Now comes The Hearing.

The NCAA has issued a response to UNC: What will it say?

UNC has received the NCAA's response to its May 25th rebuttal.

How the perception around UNC’s academic scandal has shifted in the media

With the third NOA defense out, are we seeing a tonal shift in the national media?

North Carolina responds to NCAA’s latest Notice of Allegations

UNC maintains its assertion that the issues within the AFAM department were academic and not athletic.

UNC, the NCAA, and the AFAM scandal: For people with a life

Because you know it matters, but you have other things to do.

Dear sports media: UNC is not your morality pet

The UNC scandal is awful, but the people on the outside disparaging it are complicit as well.

Breaking down UNC’s Amended Amended Notice of Allegations (AANOA)

With a third Notice of Allegations, UNC and the NCAA may be further than ever from a resolution.

NCAA issues UNC an unprecedented third Notice of Allegations

Here we go again.

UNC Off SACS Probation


Additional Thoughts on UNC's Amended NOA


Catfishing the Banner Chasers


UNC Releases Amended Notice of Allegations

AP: UNC Has Received Amended Notice of Allegations

Oh fun!

"Unverified" Film Review

Hello from the other side

Silly Theories and Scapegoats

Just another weekend in UNC's version of Groundhog Day

Featured Fanshot

The More Things Change...

Featured Fanshot

The More Things Change....

...the more they stay the same. Tar Heel Blog in 2010 and today. The story that will never die.

Bubba Cunningham Addresses New NCAA Issues


UNC Reports Additional NCAA Violations

Inside Carolina: NCAA Process Likely Delayed

Make it stop!

SACS Hits UNC With Double Secret Probation


The Notice of Allegations Watch Begins in Earnest


Mark Emmert Keeps Saying Some Interesting Things

Softening the ground?

Yet Another Lawsuit Filed Against UNC

The other McCants

Evolution of a Narrative

How the AFAM scandal went from "irregularly taught" to "fake" classes.

Bubba Cunningham Offers Defense of Roy Williams

All in.

Hey, Dan Kane Read the Wainstein Report!

Banner chasing.

Dissecting All the UNC Scandal Hot Takes

Burning my fingers so you won't have to.

My Carolina Degree Not Devalued by AFAM Scandal

Still proud of my degree.


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