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ACC Basketball Week 4: Tar Heel Blog staff predictions

Football is over, so it’s time to focus on basketball

University of North Carolina v Michigan State University Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The football season is officially over for the Tar Heels, but before anyone gets too upset about that, it’s time to tally up the final count for our predictions. Everyone got a little too confident in UNC and Pittsburgh had a surprise victory over Miami to end the season. Now we can take note of the final score:

Congratulations to Tanya, who is the supreme prediction maker of the Tar Heel Blog staff, and absolutely did not make us all let her win. Go to her if you need to make a big sports bet in the near future. Matt finished in second and Daniel was in third place. Now that football is over, we can move on to basketball season:

Everyone expects the #13 Tar Heels to sweep Week 4 in the games against Michigan, Davidson, and Tulane. The staff also seems to have a consensus on #1 Duke beating Indiana and South Dakota. Basically, ranked teams are expected to dominate the competition, unless we’re talking about #17 Louisville. Not everyone likes them. #5 Notre Dame vs. #3 Michigan State sounds like it will be the big matchup of the week.

Since this is our first week covering the basketball season, we’re setting everyone’s records back to square one. Let us know what you think about our predictions and make some of your own.