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Tar Heel Blog Staff Predictions - Week 8

Please win, UNC. Please lose, Duke.

NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at North Carolina Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The Tar Heels split the week of Christmas after losing a tough one to Wofford but managing to come out on top against Ohio State. They now sit at 11-2 with the first conference game of the season coming up against Wake Forest.

Looking at the Tar Heel Blog staff’s ability to predict the results of these games, we found that a few results threw us for a loop. Only Jay saw UNC losing to Wofford, and almost all of us were surprised that Syracuse could not defeat St. Bonaventure. These two games ultimately ruined our chance at a perfect week, but hopefully things will turn out a little better this week.

Everyone has North Carolina coming out on top against Wake Forest. There seems to be a consensus for most of these games, though Virginia vs. Syracuse could go either way. We all expect Duke to come out on top of their ranked opponent, but everyone is hoping to be wrong on that one.

The staff’s standings for predictions seem to be a three-way battle between Matt, Tanya, and Christian, with each sitting at 27-9 so far this season. Kyle, Jason, Chad, and Alan aren’t far behind.

Check out our predictions for this week’s lineup of games, and feel free to make your own below.