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THB Staff Picks: ACC Basketball Week of 2/13/17

Let’s get back on track

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Duke Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

After a crushing defeat against Duke last week, the Tar Heels are looking for payback against two lesser teams. UNC and Florida State are now in a tie with 21-5 overall records, though FSU is still a half game behind because they lost one more game in conference play. Following a five-game winning streak, Duke is now just one game out of first and is tied with Virginia and Louisville. UNC needs two wins this week.

On Wednesday, they get a freebee against NC State, who have actually only won three in-conference games this season. They will face a far tougher Virginia team on Saturday, but have the benefit of being in Chapel Hill that night.

Looking around the conference this week, Duke has basically the same schedule because they also face Virginia and then go up against Wake Forest. Florida State will have an easy matchup against Pittsburgh, while Louisville will see Syracuse and Virginia Tech. Everyone looks to be in good position to keep pace.

The Tar Heels should beat State no problem, but Virginia could end up being the tricky matchup. Can they remain in the lead through the end of the week?