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THB Staff Picks: ACC Basketball Week of 2/27/17

Now we’re in the home stretch

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This past week, North Carolina defeated Louisville by 11 points and blew out Pitt by almost 20 to win their last four games in a row. Duke also lost to Syracuse and Miami, allowing UNC to clinch the no. 1 seed in the ACC Tournament. Louisville, Florida State, Notre Dame, and Duke will compete for the remaining top seeds, with the first three all sitting at 11-5, while the Blue Devils are at 10-6.

The Tar Heels head into the final week of the season with a 13-3 record. They must win one of their games in order to be declared the ACC winner. Losing both games will open them up for the possibility of having to share the regular season title with another team.

UNC will face Virginia on the road later tonight. They will then head back home to face Duke on Saturday to finish out the season. This week Louisville will face Wake forest and Notre Dame. The Seminoles will face Duke and Miami. Notre Dame will also go up against Boston College.

The tournament might be in sight but it’s still important to play through to the end here. Hopefully the Tar Heels can finish strong and beat Duke this time around.