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THB Staff Picks: ACC Basketball Week of 2/6/17

Welcome to Beat Duke Week

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

North Carolina went undefeated last week, beating both Pittsburgh and Notre Dame by narrow margins. The Panthers especially put up a tough fight before the Heels could overcome the challenge. They now stand 21-4 overall with a 9-2 record in conference play. The Tar Heels are one game ahead of Florida State, and 1.5 games ahead of Louisville and Virginia.

This will be a one-game week for the Tar Heels as they face off against Duke on Thursday. In related news, this should be a pretty easy week for them. However, considering that they have just a one-game lead on the ACC, it will be an important game to win.

Florida State gets an easy game against NC State, but Notre Dame should give them a tougher challenge later in the week. Louisville and Virginia face each other, giving them a chance to rip each other apart. The Cardinals will go on to face Miami, and Virginia will go up against Virginia Tech.

Can the Tar Heels keep it up against Duke and keep their opponents away from the conference lead?