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UNC basketball: Roy Williams returns to the recruiting trail

On the road again

North Carolina Tar Heels Championship Welcome Rally Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

On Monday, North Carolina were National Champions, but by Thursday, they are back on the recruiting trail again. According to Inside Carolina, Coach Roy Williams will be meeting with shooting guard Romeo Langford on Thursday and small forward Zion Williamson on Friday. If you think this is early for a coach who just won the title to be getting back to work, think again. In 2005, Roy visited Ty Lawson and in 2009, he went to meet Harrison Barnes. This is what you do if you want to bring in the best talent.

Roy will head to New Albany, Indiana to visit Langford. As a five-star shooting guard, he is considered the top prospect at his position and the no. 3 overall talent in the class of 2018. The Tar Heels offered him in August before Langford came for an unofficial visit to campus in October. He also has offers from Duke, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisville.

Roy will then travel to Spartanburg, South Carolina to see Zion Williamson, the young kid who has starred in all those internet dunk videos. As a five-star talent, he is the top small forward in the country and is the no. 2 talent from next year’s crop. UNC offered him in July, and Roy has seen him many times since. He visited him twice in three days back in February, and Williamson has come to Chapel Hill three times already. He was in attendance when the Tar Heels beat Duke. His biggest offers include Arizona, Clemson, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and South Carolina.

24/7 Sports calculates that Duke is in the lead for both recruits, however, that’s still likely to change when the coach who won the National Championship just days ago shows up on their doorsteps. Are either players likely to choose North Carolina? Probably not, but this is a pond still worth fishing in until they make their decisions.