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Carolina Stays Top 10 in AP Poll

For the first time since JJ Redick’s Senior Night, the Heels head to Cameron to take on a #1 Duke team.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Wake Forest Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome to Duke Week. For the 11th time in the Roy Williams Era, the Tar Heels and Blue Devils will play a rivalry game in which both teams are ranked in the top 10. Also, for the first time since Psycho T and the boys ruined JJ Redick’s Senior Night, the Blue Devils will be ranked #1. Here is the latest College Basketball AP Poll:

  1. Duke (58) 23-2
  2. Gonzaga (6) 25-2
  3. Virginia 22-2
  4. Kentucky 21-4
  5. Tennesse 23-2
  6. Nevada 24-1
  7. Michigan 23-3
  8. North Carolina 20-5
  9. Houston 25-1
  10. Michigan State 21-5
  11. Marquette 21-4
  12. Kansas 20-6
  13. LSU 21-4
  14. Texas Tech 21-4
  15. Purdue 18-7
  16. Florida State 20-5
  17. Villanova 20-6
  18. Louisville 18-8
  19. Iowa State 19-6
  20. Virginia 20-5
  21. Iowa 20-5
  22. Wisconsin 17-8
  23. Kansas State 19-6
  24. Maryland 19-7
  25. Buffalo 22-3

Where is UNC?

The Tar Heels stayed put at #8 after a week that featured a tough loss at home to Virginia and a historic beatdown of the Demon Deacons in Winston-Salem. Michigan State is the only newcomer to the Top 10, bouncing Marquette to #11.

Biggest Winners

LSU and Iowa State both made big jumps in the poll following signature wins over ranked teams on the road. LSU’s last-second win over Kentucky looks like a season-maker for them, and will be a big boon for them come Selection Sunday (though the Committee might weigh the game a tad less considering it absolutely WAS basket interference). LSU’s win also preventing the Wildcats from making a bigger leap after their emphatic win over top-ranked Tennessee.

Biggest Losers

The Kansas State Wildcats had a tough week, losing at home to Iowa State and falling five spots in the rankings. More importantly, however, their cushion at the top of the Big 12 has fallen to just one game in the loss column. Two of the teams trailing them are Iowa State (who now holds the tiebreaker) and Kansas, who the Wildcats have to go on the road to play. The Tennessee Vols dropped four spots after the loss to Kentucky and, for the moment, may be off the one-seed line.

On the Outside Looking In

Cincinnati was the leading unranked vote getter, garnering 99 votes. After them comes Wofford (remember them?), who have 32 votes and have had a terrific season after leading off the season against the Heels. Auburn is right behind with 21.

Conference Breakdown

ACC - 6

American Athletic - 1

Big East - 2

Big Ten - 6

Big 12 - 4

Mid-American - 1

Mountain West - 1

SEC - 3

West Coast - 1

Top 25 Games This Week

#1 Duke vs. #8 UNC on Feb. 20th 9:00 pm

#3 UVA @ #20 VA Tech on Feb. 18th 7:00 pm

#12 Kansas @ #14 Texas Tech on Feb, 23rd 8:00 pm