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UNC Postgame Analysis

UNC Baseball Defeats Hofstra 15-4 in Regional Opener

The Tar Heels advance to the regional winner’s bracket.

UNC Baseball: Midweek Recap and Weekend of 5/13

The Diamond Heels have won six of the last seven.

UNC Baseball: Midweek Recap and Stats Update

No better time for a rest.

UNC Basketball: Junior Grades

This junior was a tour de force during the Tar Heels’ run to the national championship game.

UNC vs. Kansas: Three Things Learned

I know it hurts, but we need to talk about last night.

UNC vs. Duke Final Four: Three Things Learned

Last night was mad real.

UNC Basketball vs. Saint Peter’s: Player of the Game - Armando Bacot

Carolina has passed the hero baton around during their NCAA Tournament run. Last night, it was Armando Bacot’s turn.

UNC vs. St. Peter’s: Three Things Learned

Savor the flavor as the Tar Heels head to New Orleans.

UNC vs. UCLA: Player of the Game - Caleb Love

Clutch ain’t just a third pedal.

UNC vs. UCLA: Three Things Learned

This team continues to surprise.

UNC Baseball: Week Five Recap

A series win over Duke puts Carolina atop the Coastal Division.

UNC vs. Baylor: Player of the Game - RJ Davis

As if the lore of this team couldn’t grow bigger...

UNC vs. Baylor: Three Things Learned

Nobody can question Carolina’s toughness after the Heels survived that catastrophic calamity in Fort Worth.

UNC vs. Marquette: Three Things Learned

Simply put: a great start for the Tar Heels.

UNC vs. Virginia Tech: Player of the Game - Armando Bacot

The Tar Heels took their lumps in the ACCT semifinal, but at least Armando Bacot was efficient.

UNC vs. Virginia Tech: Three Things Learned

The Heels’ offense never really traveled with them to Brooklyn, and ultimately it cost them against the Hokies.

UNC vs. Virginia: Three Things Learned

It was as ugly as I knew it would be, but it was way uglier for the other team.

UNC vs. Duke: Player of the Game - Armando Bacot

In a game where many Tar Heels stood to be counted, Armando Bacot stood tallest.

UNC vs. Duke: Three Things Learned

Let’s discuss the Heels shocking the world with their inspired performance against the Blue Devils.

UNC Baseball: Midweek Recap and Weekend of 3/4

The Tar Heels continue their strong start to the season.

UNC vs. Syracuse: Player of the Game — Caleb Love

A lot deserve this, but they don’t win without Caleb.

UNC vs. Syracuse: Three Things Learned

A near heart attack on Senior Night! Here’s how the Heels survived Syracuse.

UNC vs. NC State: Three Things Learned

Carolina rolled over a helpless Wolfpack. Will they be ready for Syracuse after a short turn-around?

UNC vs. Louisville: Three Things Learned

Things got physical once again, but the Heels stayed poised and swept the Cardinals.

UNC vs. Virginia Tech: Player of the Game — Caleb Love

This team isn’t that tough to figure out...

UNC vs. Virginia Tech: Three Things Learned

It’s been 80 years, but the Heels finally have a Quad 1 victory.

UNC vs. Pitt: Player of the Game — Kerwin Walton

The worst loss in the Smith Center in a long time doesn’t deserve a reward.

UNC vs. Pitt: Three Things Learned

Alright, let’s have some difficult conversations.

UNC vs. Florida State: Player of the Game - First Half Defense

A wounded FSU was killed off in the first half by an eye-opening defensive display.

UNC vs. Florida State: Three Things Learned

Carolina beat a bad team (again) but did they do anything that could help them against better teams?

UNC Basketball: Thoughts on the Tar Heels’ win over Clemson

Last night wasn’t good for my blood pressure.

UNC vs Clemson Player of the Game: Armando Bacot

After a rough few games, UNC’s double-double machine was back to business in a game where every stat was needed