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UNC 7 - GT 33: Tweetcap

The Tar Heels’ match up with the Yellow Jackets as told by Twitter.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Tar Heels visited Atlanta on Saturday to face Georgia Tech and that vaunted triple option. Both teams started with a three and out. However, the Yellow Jackets turned on the offense on their second drive, converting four 3rd downs en route to an 18-play, 90-yard scoring drive in over nine minutes.

The Tar Heels’ next drive began at their own 45. It ended with a punt behind their own 20.

With the nature of the triple option, the North Carolina defense has been around the quarterback all day.

The first quarter didn’t go quite as the Tar Heels had planned.

The offense just couldn’t find its groove early in the game.

All things were not bad, though, as North Carolina’s defense (save for that one touchdown drive) seemed to stifle Georgia Tech’s option.

The Tar Heels finally found some positive offense in the middle of the second quarter, but...

...the drive stalls as the Freeman Jones 40-yard field goal is no good.

With the offense struggling to find it’s way, the defense surprisingly held it’s own.

Hold that thought.

It’s safe to say that Georgia Tech controlled the first half, but things definitely could have been worse.

The Tar Heels entered halftime fortunate to only be down 10-0.

This seems to be a common thought. Too many injuries for the Tar Heels.

The third quarter started off with more of the same from the UNC offense.


With the defense needing something to happen, Jason Strowbridge forced a turnover and Cole Holcomb fell on the ball.

The Tar Heels gave it right back to the Yellow Jackets on the next play.

Then, the bottom fell out.

Former UNC quarterback Marquise Williams succinctly summed it up:

Frustration with the freshman quarterback began to set in:

The Tar Heels just can’t catch a break...

Things started to pile up for a worn out Tar Heels defense:

Brandon Harris was brought out to take a few snaps and picked up where Surratt left off:

This is a great summary of watching this game...

The defense took a bad thing and made it a little better, though.

There were a lot of these running across the Twittersphere today.

North Carolina is reeling from the injury bug.

We feel the same way, Andre...

With five minutes to go in the fourth quarter, the Tar Heels found the end zone for the first time.

When the #FireFedora crowd started to get riled up, our staff was quick to defend the head coach.

Seriously, nothing went North Carolina’s way...

At least this one is over.

And it didn’t last too long.