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ACC Football Week 9: Tar Heel Blog Staff Predictions

Tar Heels who?

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

The results for Week 8 predictions were pretty much shot thanks to Pittsburgh beating Duke and Boston College defeating Virginia. A lot of the staff guessed wrong on that one. Everyone but Jake continues to predict the other team to win when it comes to North Carolina’s games at this point.

I asked the Tar Heel Blog staff to predict the outcomes of ACC games for Week 9. Here’s how everyone responded:

The only games the staff agrees on unanimously are Virginia Tech beating Duke and Clemson defeating Georgia Tech this Saturday. Despite this, each matchup has a clear favorite heading into the weekend. We’ll have to see if the majority is right this time around.

Standings for the staff predictions are getting interesting. Matt continues to lead with 56 correct predictions. Daniel currently ranks second with a close 55 right calls, and Brandon comes in third with 54. Some seem to be pulling away at this point, but there remains a close race to the very end.

Please make your own prediction—or make fun of ours—below in the comment section.