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ACC Football Week 11: Tar Heel Blog Staff Predictions

The Tar Heels are back. The THB predicts how Week 11 in the ACC will go.

NCAA Football: Miami at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Will college football ever stop surprising us? Another huge upset in Week 10 gave the Tar Heel Blog staff a big surprise when Virginia defeated Georgia Tech. There were shocking results as Syracuse beat Florida State and Miami beat Virginia Tech, but at least a few guessed right on those matchups. Now, looking ahead to Week 11, the Tar Heels are back on the schedule. Who’s excited?

We had two unanimous predictions this week, with the staff declaring that Virginia Tech will defeat Georgia Tech and Clemson will beat Florida State. Every other game seems pretty equal, even the UNC vs. Pittsburgh matchup on Thursday night. It would seem that if this team is going to beat anyone, it’s going to the Pitt, but we’ll see.

Looking at the staff’s records for predictions, Matt continues to lead with 61 correct guesses. Daniel and Alan remain close behind with 59 apiece, and Tanya comes in with 58 right.

Check out our predictions, make your own, and make fun what we’ve said.