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Ranking the Top 25 North Carolina football players of all-time

Who is the greatest to wear the blue and white on the gridiron?

Dre’’ Bly #31
Dré Bly versus Clemson in 1998

There are 79 days until North Carolina hosts Cal to kickoff the 2017 football season. As we wait until football is back in Chapel Hill, let’s take a look back at the top North Carolina Tar Heels players of all time.

This list, however, will not be conceived solely by the THB staff. We need your input for this endeavor. Below is a Ranker of some of the greatest in program history. For our purposes, focus on their achievements at the collegiate level.

The concept is simple: up-vote or down-vote the players on the list. For example, if you think a player should be higher than his current ranking, hit the up arrow. If a player should be lower, click the down arrow. You do not have to vote on every player, just the ones that deserve movement. You can also use the arrows to maintain a player’s position on the chart.

If a player is missing from the list, there is the option to add them at the bottom.

Sunday, June 18 will be the last day to vote. After the final ranking is determined, THB will countdown the Top 25 with profiles of each player.

A special thanks goes to Brian LeBlanc over at Canes Country for helping out with the Ranker list. Thank you for your input and happy ranking!