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Jordyn Adams should be the latest in a string of really good Carolina receivers

The four-star receiver is turning a lot of heads, for good reason


It certainly doesn’t seem likely that an athlete who played quarterback in high school could simultaneously be described as a “polished” receiver, but that’s just how good Jordyn Adams is. His official highlights are mostly from behind center, whether he’s completing passes or running option-type plays. His athleticism and ability with the ball in his hands are obvious, but you can’t really get a sense of his skills as a route runner from that. All we have to indicate that are workout tape, and the fact that I am absolutely blown away by him is a testament to his skill. You don’t have to take my word for it, though:

Some choice excerpts:

Hands! Route running! Athleticism!

He’s earning some lofty comparisons, too. While he likes to compare himself to Braxton Miller for the former Ohio State star’s versatility and athleticism, Barton Simmons, 247Sports’ Director of Scouting, has much higher praise for Adams:

"I think he's got some Odell Beckham in him. Their high school profiles are very similar to me. Both guys that have good size but not huge. Both are guys that are really good at whatever sport they play.”

I don’t know about you, but earning comparisons to the best receiver in the NFL sounds pretty good to me. All indications are that he’s even better than his already very good high 4-star rating, including from Simmons himself:

"I think he's a guy that we need to have on the five-star radar moving forward. He's special."

Of course, Adams will be far from the first really good receiver to don Carolina blue in the 2010’s. We already knew that UNC is becoming Running Back University, being the school with the second-most running backs in the NFL after Alabama. What seems to be being ignored is that the school has also been churning out a lot of very good receivers in the past seven years.

The past class of Ryan Switzer, Mack Hollins, and Bug Howard was rewarded for their work by, in the case of the first two, being drafted into the NFL, and in the case of Howard, getting signed to an NFL practice squad. But even before him, the quality of receivers at UNC has quietly been very good, which is just another testament to Larry Fedora’s prowess as an offensive coach. Quinshad Davis, Sean Tapley, and TJ Thorpe, along with tight end Eric Ebron, have all had very successful careers as Tar Heels.

With the drafting of Switzer and Hollins, UNC might finally be on the map. Austin Proehl appears to be next in line, and we’ll see what happens with him. After that, though, Jordyn Adams looks to be the next exciting UNC wide receiver.