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Just for Fun

Thoughts on the NBA Draft

Since UNC is unlikely to have any players called in this year’s NBA Draft, let’s take a second to look at it a little broadly

UNC vs. Duke: Best Twitter Reactions

Twitter is an emotional amplifier. It makes the highs higher, and the lows rock bottom. Here are some of the best Tweets after UNC’s huge win on Coach K Night.

Carolina Fan Caves: Have a seat!

What’s better than having a souvenir shop full of UNC treasures? How about the best seat in the house!

UNC Football Season: THB Staff Predictions

We put our Nostradamus caps on and set ourselves up for future embarrassment

Did Colorado State steal a UNC ram logo?

The answer is "probably not" and does lead to some interesting history of college sports logos.

Carolina Football: How long until Sam Howell becomes the nation’s top chicken spokesman?

UNC’s Heisman hopeful and known chicken connoisseur has an important decision to make

Carolina Christmas Presents

What presents will our favorite Tar Heels ask Santa for this year?

Tar Heel Thanksgiving Weekend: Matching Carolina players with their feast counterparts

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, let’s give thanks to both great food and also our beloved Tar Heels.

Carolina Fan Caves: Autographs and Artifacts

Tar Heel history comes alive in this Carolina Fan Cave.

UNC Football: Spooky Szn is here!

Tar Heel Blog looks at the rest of the football schedule and compares opponents to scary movies. Happy Halloween!

Shall I compare Heels to a summer day?

I’ve got next to nothing; I hope someone likes sonnets

UNC Basketball: The best UNC teams from the 2010s that never existed

Our final installment of the best UNC teams to never exist

Tar Heel Show and Tell: The Jersey Collector

One Tar Heel fan boasts nearly 60 UNC basketball jerseys in his collection.

Tar Heel Show and Tell: Autographed Items

What's your favorite autographed UNC piece?

One of the Best Teams to Never Win it: The 2008 Tar Heels

Not quite as heartbreaking in hindsight as the 2016 team, but possibly a better team

The End of the Tunnel

Are there still things to hope for, to look forward to?

Lucky ones: How I became a Tar Heel fan

The stories of a Tar Heel fan growing up in the home of the ACC.

The Carolina Family: Born, Bred,...and Adopted

Some personal anecdotes about how UNC sports have impacted me and others in my life.

From the Ill to the Hill: The story of how I became a Tar Heel

A tale of how wanting to "Be Like Mike" turned my blood Carolina Blue.

How the THB staff became UNC fans, Part I

As the youngest member of THB’s staff, I’ll be the first to tell my history with Chapel Hill

Tar Heel Hangover: Saying goodbye to 2019

It has been a roller coaster year for Tar Heel fans. Time for a recap.

THB Staff ACC Predictions: ACC-B1G Challenge Edition

Tonight and tomorrow night feature some juicy matchups

ACC Football Power Rankings: Week 13

UNC and Pitt played the only close game in the conference last week but not every expected winner won

ACC Staff Predictions: Week of 11/11

Some turbulence at the top of our football rankings, and basketball starts with an unexpected result or two

Matching Billboard's most popular summer songs to UNC sports

Now that summer is officially here, let's have some fun with the charts

UNC football: A list of facts about the last time the Tar Heels beat a FBS team to open the season

It’s been stupidly long since UNC has beaten a FBS team in a season opener.

The story of UNC’s first ever Olympian

Before any basketball player or soccer star did, Harry Williamson represented UNC on the world stage

The best of UNC’s baseball dog Remington’s instagram feed

It’s a slow time of year, so come look at some dog pics.

The Germany Tar Heels

Die Mannschaft have drawn comparisons to UNC Basketball this World Cup, so let’s take that comparison a little deeper

An all-time team of defeated Michael Jordan opponents

#23 defeated a lot of good players over the years.

Can you name the NCAA coaches who make more money than Roy Williams?

The USA Today numbers are out, and Roy Williams is criminally underpaid.

UNC Tar Heels: A gift guide for the 2017 holiday season

Figuring out what to buy this holiday season? Let us give you a few ideas.