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Tar Heels News 11/14/16: Kennedy Meeks is looking to improve his interior play

Chattanooga v North Carolina Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The Secondary Break | Adrian Atkinson: Looking at a breakdown of Theo Pinson’s minutes from last year, it’s clear that North Carolina is better with him on the court. Losing him to injury will severely cut down the team’s versatility.

Times-News | Bob Sutton: Roy Williams is planning to go with several different lineups in order to find out which mix of players works best together. Adding freshman Tony Bradley into the mix and using Kenny Williams over senior Nate Britt are just some of his decisions so far.

Carolina Blue | Ross Martin: While the Tar Heels roster isn’t stacked with young five-star talent, they make up for it with their experience. UNC instead relies on a starting lineup filled with three seniors and two juniors.

Carolina Blue | Sarah Louise Krawcheck: Kennedy Meeks is looking to improve his interior play after injuries prevented him from improving in his junior season. He has found early success in the team’s first two games, but can he keep it up?