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Tar Heels News 8/5/16: Alumni Robert Quinn returns to Rams from back surgery

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tar Heel Illustrated | Andrew Jones: Punt return specialist Ryan Switzer talks about his ability to return a punt thanks to the blockers on his team and the natural gifts he has. Swtizer remains as confident and humble as ever.

Chapelboro | Avery Trendel: UNC women's soccer team currently ranks ninth overall in preseason rankings, placing them one spot above 2015 semifinalist Rutgers. Ninth out of the top 25 isn't bad, but hopefully they can surprise a few people in 2016.

Los Angeles Daily News | Jack Wang: North Carolina alumni and Los Angeles Rams defensive end Robert Quinn is looking to make a comeback after undergoing back surgery in December.

The Des Moines Register | Tommy Birch: Harrison Barnes has now accomplished thing two things he has wanted most: win an NBA championship and play in the Olympics.

Cincy Jungle | Kyle Phelps: Cincinnati Bengals running back Giovani Bernard discusses the team and his goals for the upcoming season.