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UNC News

The Coming of SB Nation United

Our new digs at SB Nation are about to get a whole lot newer.

Chancellor Holden Thorp to Step Down

Embattled UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp announces his resignation.

Presenting the New Carolina March

SBNation announces the first step of a blog overhaul with shiny new logos. Man, do I want this on a T-shirt.

What Kind of May Has It Been

Programming Will Resume Shortly

Announcing SB Nation for iPhone

My Blatherings Now Available in Concise, Useless Form

UNC's Offensive Line Will Have to Survive Without My Criticism

Blog You Like a Hurricane

A New Toy From the Mothership

There Will Be a Temporary Interruption in Service

Gone to India

That's Doctor Carolina March To You, Punk

Anonymous Commenting No More!

Ho Ho Ho

You Got Politics in My Sports Pages!