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UNC Recruiting

UNC Recruiting: Discussing James Brown’s commitment and the current state of the 2024 class

Hubert Davis is on a roll.

UNC Recruiting: 2024 five-star point guard Elliot Cadeau has committed to the Tar Heels

Hubert Davis has locked up his second commit in the 2024 class.

UNC Recruiting: 2023 four-star Zayden High commits to the Tar Heels

Insert the ram and fire emojis here!

UNC Recruiting: Can the Heels seal the deal and land 2023 four-star Zayden High?

There’s some cautious optimism that the Heels just may land their best remaining 2023 prospect.

UNC Recruiting: 2023 Four-star PF Zayden High includes Tar Heels in his top five list

It sounds like the Tar Heels are in good shape for their biggest target in the 2023 class.

UNC Recruiting: Update on Boogie Fland and Zayden High’s official visits

Bad weather didn’t just ruin a fun night for fans, but it impacted two prospects’ official visits.

UNC Recruiting: Week of 9/19

A couple of big events are coming up in both marquee sports

UNC Recruiting: 2024 five-star Boogie Fland to visit Chapel Hill for Live Action

Shortly after Davis’ visit to Fland, an official visit date has been set.

UNC Recruiting: Hubert Davis hit the road in pursuit of 2024 five-stars Boogie Fland and Jarin Stevenson

One week removed from landing the first commit of the 2024 class, Davis is back to work.

UNC Recruiting: Four-star 2024 small forward Drake Powell commits to the Tar Heels

Hubert Davis is getting the party started early by landing this 2024 recruit.

UNC Recruiting: The Heels may be in the lead for 2023 four-star TJ Power

It’s still early, but the Heels and Duke may be the two teams dueling it out for the ultimate Power grab (sorry I couldn’t help myself).

UNC Recruiting: 2024 Four-star prospect James Brown will officially visit campus during Late Night

The Chicago native will be in attendance for UNC’s annual blue and white scrimmage.

UNC Recruiting: In-state four-star edge rusher Rico Walker commits to the Tar Heels

UNC’s fourth four-star in the 2023 class chooses to stay home.

UNC Recruiting: Three things we learned from the G.G. Jackson situation

We are finally at the end of this saga.

UNC Recruiting: Is there any truth to the G.G. Jackson rumors?

The internet has gotten out of hand over the last couple of weeks, and we still don’t know if this rumor has any teeth.

UNC Recruiting: 2023 CG Silas Demary Jr. impresses at NBPA Top 100 Camp, calls Carolina his “dream school”

This guy’s stock is trending upward, but will Hubert Davis offer a scholarship?

UNC Recruiting: Hubert Davis offers 2024 five-star Tre Johnson

It felt inevitable, but Davis has finally offered the third-best player in the country a scholarship.

UNC Recruiting: Hubert Davis reaches out to numerous top 2024 prospects

And here…we…..go!

UNC Basketball: Northwestern transfer Pete Nance is the new hot name in Hubert Davis’ vacancy search

The best stretch big remaining in the transfer portal could be the man Hubert Davis has been looking for.

UNC Basketball: Hubert Davis’ system is having major impacts off the court

The quiet part has finally been said out loud (by players).

UNC Recruiting: GG Jackson has risen to the top of the 2023 class

Hubert Davis is smiling ear to ear, and we should be too.

UNC Recruiting: Five-star 2023 target GG Jackson commits to the Tar Heels

We’ve been waiting for this one for a while, and the day is finally here.

UNC Football: Ohio State transfer Lejond Cavazos commits to UNC

Former Buckeye (and Bacot bestie) makes the switch from cold, miserable Columbus to Blue Heaven.

UNC Recruiting Week of 4/18: Five-star 2023 target G.G. Jackson could announce his decision ‘sooner than later’

Insert meme of Spongebob patiently waiting here.

UNC Recruiting: Week of 1/24

Zach Rice and Travis Shaw are very good, and other news

UNC Recruiting Week of 1/17: Four-star DL Monteque Rhames includes the Heels in his top ten

Mack Brown continues to intrigue some of the best recruits in the country.

UNC Recruiting: First two weeks of December

In the lead-up to football’s first signing day, some late movement is afoot for Mack Brown’s upcoming class

UNC Football: Recruiting in Virginia

With two new head coaches, can UNC continue to mine Virginia for top talent?

UNC Recruiting: 4-star wide receiver Andre Greene has committed to UNC

This latest high-profile recruitment from Virginia probably puts a bow on a very impressive 2022 class for Mack Brown and staff

Five-star OT Zach Rice commits to UNC

Mack Brown lands a big one.

UNC Recruiting: 2023 five-star CG Simeon Wilcher commits to the Tar Heels

Well that was fast.

UNC Recruiting week of 10/11: Five-star forward G.G. Jackson will be in attendance at Late Night

This is a huge week for recruiting for both football and basketball.